Welcome Stamp Collectors of the Okanagan Valley

Hello to all stamp collectors in the Okanagan Valley.

This website provides you with information on the four stamp clubs operating in the valley and how to connect with those clubs.

Each major centre, Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon have their own club, so named.  In addition, the OMPA (Okanagan Mainline Philatelic Association) is a regional club and has members throughout the valley.  Each of the three local clubs are Chapter Members of the OMPA.

The clubs meet at various times throughout the year and their details can be found on the club menu tabs, above.

Most of all we encourage you to be active in our philatelic community. Come and swap stamps, trade with other collectors, enjoy the philatelic displays, bid at the auction, and shop with our local dealers. And most of all enjoy the camaraderie of fellow collectors.

For non collectors, we can offer guidance on disposing of your philatelic treasures, direct you to very capable appraisers or provide a local auction for selling your stamps.  In addition, we can provide an opportunity for donating your stamp collections to the charity of your choice.  Ask for more information by contacting the club in your area.

Stamp collection can be a lot of fun, if you stick with it.

Mark Oakley


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