The Okanagan Mainline Philatelic Association ( OMPA) is a regional club spanning the Mainline and Okanagan Valley from Kamloops in the north to Osoyoos/U.S. Border in the south.

Throughout the course of the year we meet 5 times to hold a stamp show, sale and swap for local collectors.  We also hold an public auction of stamp and related material.  To place an item in the auction, you must be a member. Anyone can buy or bid.  If you have stamps to sell, you can offer them to the many dealers that attend or reserve a sales table and do it yourself.  Again, to rent a table, you must be a member.

Membership is $10 per year from January 1 to December 31.  There is no prorating, regardless when you join. Family memberships are $14 and youth are free.

Watch the coming events for the next event details or contact Roy to be placed on the newsletter distribution or for more information.

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