Vernon History

There has been at least 3 starts to the Vernon Stamp Club unfortunately very little info on the first 2 except that there was a club in Vernon at the turn of the 19th-20th Century which lasted until the mid 30’s.  After the second War another attempt was made that lasted into the 60’s and the present club which was started by Roy Heinrichs and an unknown Soldier from the Vernon Army Camp in Aug of 1974. Our first organizational meeting was at the Vernon Library in August and our First official stamp Club meeting was set up at the Hillview Elementary in Jerry Brunelle’s classroom  on a late September Monday evening.

We started small with only about 10 attending and just sort of met whenever Jerry could get his classroom available which was about once a week.  An exec was set up and Roy was nominated to set up the meetings and advertise. Much the same way we do to this day. In 1975 We moved to a larger area in town at the Fulton elementary. Always on the move looking for a larger space to meet we moved into the Boys and Girls Club in 1977 set up by member Jerry Gondor. In 1978 we moved to the Chamber of Commerce  and were there for 3 years. next We became Arts Council members and met in their building  until 1985 . In 1986 -to 2005 we met in the Tea room of the Vernon Funeral Home on PV Rd.  We moved to our present location at the Peoples Place in 2006.

Our Membership has fluctuated from 10 to 35  and is now standing at 31, but, at just about every meeting we have new faces. Roy and his spouse, Laura  are just about the only original members from 1975. Roy has been the organizer/ President from Day one of this Club for 47 years.  Laura Heinrichs serving as Treasurer for the same period and Gary Fisher is Vice President for the last 10 years.

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