So, you have a stamp collection and need more information for

  • have inherited a collection and want more information
  • value for insurance purposes
  • want to sell your collection
  • want to learn more about stamp collecting.

The Okanagan Valley has 3 stamp clubs located in Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon.  Each club has a contact person that can provide some next steps for you.


  1. Arrange to meet the club contact to view your collection.

 2. To prepare for the meeting:

a. Estimate of the number of items – 100’s or thousand

b. How many boxes, or tubs

c. What Countries are covered – Canada, USA, Great Britain, and Germany are the most common, along with worldwide – no particular country

d. How many albums, if any

e. Your goal – appraisal, sell, general information or donation to your own field of interest through a sale at public auction

f. Your contact information, name address, phone, and email

With this information, we can insure the appropriate amount of time to be set aside for your meeting and connect you with the best person in your area who may be the most knowledgeable about your collection specific countries or stamp type.

Please select based on your own location:

Kelowna           Ed    

Penticton          Steve

Vernon              Michael

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