Vernon Stamp Club

The Vernon Stamp Club as it exists today has been a club since 1974 with members and visitors from all over the North Okanagan. Our doors are open to the public from 1PM-3PM on the third Saturday of each month except for August. We always have a pot of coffee on the go and usually cookies courtesy of the “CLUB”. At the meetings we have a general swap and shop and generally end the meeting with a small auction.   Before the auction a quick general “MEETING” is held to discuss any upcoming events such as the OMPA meetings and/or Christmas/year end party when our members share a potluck style get together. Some other goodies are supplied by the club funds such as buns and meat and cheeses.

Our membership Dues are nominal at $7 for adults, $12 for family and  $2 for any Juniors( Jan 1 to Dec 31). Thanks to the PEOPLES PLACE, our meeting hall is free. As stated earlier our membership is from the North Okanagan including members from Salmon Arm, Enderby, Armstrong, Lumby and Oyama which technically is Central OK . Everyone is welcome to come and share and enjoy our fine Philatelic hospitality. Because of the generosity of the People Place we sometimes are in a smaller room, #3, but we generally have the luxury of room #6 which is our usual meeting spot downstairs. It is easily accessed by elevator or stairs and is well lit. On Saturdays the parking is good unless there is another activity happening in the building, but, there is still lots of parking in the adjacent paid parking area which is free on Saturdays to us.

Please feel free to drop by any time and enjoy a cup of coffee and share in/with our members philatelic knowledge. Follow the website and feel free to contact our Vernon Club at for any info on the club.

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