Any member of the 4 Okanagan Stamp Clubs can post a FREE ad in the classified section.  Please submit your ad copy and pictures to your club liaison officer for publication in the website.  Club liaisons are:

Vernon – Roy      Kelowna – Ed    Penticton – Gus   OMPA – Mark


For Sale – The OMPA has been approached by a collector who is looking to sell their lifetime collection of African countries.  Mostly mint, lots of sheets, strength is in the 1970’s to 1980’s including:

1) comprehensive collection of African stamps like Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tansania, South Africa, Guinea, Gabon, Somalia, Mauritius both mint and stamped. Burkina Faso and Somalia also contain sheets and half sheets. There also is the odd stamp from the United Arab Emirates (Fujeira).

2) comprehensive collection of European stamps like Austria, Germany, England, France, Russia mostly stamped, some German mint sheets.

3) small collection of vintage stamped postcards England, Austria, US, India as early as 1904

If you are interested, please contact and we will arrange for you to meet.

For Sale – First stamps printed by Canada Post in 2017 celebrating Canada’s 150 Anniversary of Confederation. There are two different “P” value stamps and an International Mail $2.50 value. Price for the pair of P values is $9.00 and $6.50 for the airmail stamp. Plus postage of $1.00. Prices are subject to change after March 30, 2017 – while supply lasts. FDC are also available. Contact: Peter Lepold – 278 Bornais St. Kelowna, BC, V1X 7B6 –


For Sale – Kelowna and District Stamp Club celebrates 90 years of Stamp Collecting in Kelowna, BC. Canada Post printed a stamp designed by Kelowna stamp collector Peter Lepold. Members of the Okanagan Valley stamp clubs can, for a limited time (until Oct 17) obtain this “P” value stamp atthe pre-release price of $2.50 plus $1.00 Postage. Price after Oct 17 is $4.00 plus postage while supply lasts. Limited number of FDC’s are available ($7.00 incl postage) Contact: Peter Lepold – 278 Bornais St. Kelowna, BC, V1X7B6 – 250-765-3502













For Sale  Exhibit frames holding a 16 page exhibit. The OMPA bought these about 20 years ago for our National Show and they have been in dry storage ever since.  There are 2 frames (4 sides) per box, and 3 boxes.  We paid $600 for them back in the day, $100 each frame.  Now available at $50.00 each frame.  These are in great condition, not quite VF, but closer to F+.  The OMPA is open to offers for some, one or all as a lot.  Please contact Roy by email to :













Wanted – Canada used #’s 2727,2744,2754,2764,2789,2815d,2851,2852,2883  please contact Ed at:  (Nov 2016)

Wanted – Postcards which are playable as phonograph records. Please contact Blaine at: (Mar 2016)

Wanted – Topical interest of frogs and toads. If you have any frog and toad topicals you would like to sell or trade please contact Carol at: (Jan2016)

Wanted – Canada #177 Mt. Edith Cavell. Looking for stamp on cover or piece or mail tag etc. OR unusual items that can be used to add to a philatelic display. Contact Mark at: (Jan 2016)